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Intypo WP plugin for international typography, version 0.6

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I‹ll try my best for an english summary:

Intypo is a WordPress plugin which replaces the kind of quotation marks applied by WordPress.
Without Intypo, WordPress usually replaces simple quotation marks " by typographic quotation marks “…”, i.e. you type the simple marks " in your texts, and when displaying your entry on your weblog pages, WP replaces them. (Note: This automatic replacement will be disabled if you activate certain plugins like Textile or Markdown, therefor Intypo won’t work together with these plugins.)
In most other languages than English, Spanish and Portuguese, different kinds of quotation marks are used, so the standard replacement applied by WordPress doesn’t match. In several languages exists a »lower 99″ quotation mark („) at the beginning of a cite, in other languages mainly Guillemet quotation marks («…») are common.
If you use the Intypo plugin, you will get an options page within your WP admin interface, where you can select from (currently) eight different styles of quotation marks covering about twenty languages. The selection is not set automatically depending on your WP language, because in most languages exist more than one option (in German there are three). I will add some more options in future, e.g. for Hungarian style.

How to install
You will find installation instructions in the readme file included in the download files.

  1. At the moment (and I don’t think this will change) you only need to download either the intypo.tar.gz (esp. for Unix and Linux) or the (easier for Windows).
  2. Unpack its content and put the file intypo.php into your plugins directory, usually wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Then direct your browser to your WordPress admin pages, go to the Plugins section and activate »Intypo«.
  4. You now have a new options page. Go to »Options« section, and you find a sub-option »Intypo«.
  5. On the Intypo options page, select your desired kind of quotation marks and click on »Update Options«.

Please note that Intypo will not alter the texts stored in the database, it dynamically affects the output of the texts by WordPress. This means, you will always be able to get your original text style back, simply by deactivating the Intypo plugin or setting it to English typography. As with most WP plugins, you may also just delete the plugin file from your plugins directory to get rid of it.


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